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Implementing multiple strategies and methods can help improve processes, performance, company growth, employee engagement, and many other goals. However, knowing which one of those methods and strategies will work is often a challenge. For decades, Lean Six Sigma has been used by companies throughout the USA to achieve results when it comes to reducing waste, continuous improvement, and more. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Corpus Christi High School Students of Texas, our goal is to give all the tools necessary to learn, inculcate, and implement it.

This process improvement method is one of the most popular. Although it started in manufacturing, industries are noticing the benefits in other areas as demand grows, and continuous improvement is needed.

More than being an implementation for companies, we like to focus on helping students, business professionals, and people from all stages in life to get trained. Hence, they add value to their curriculums, grow, are able to be valuable assets, and boost their personal growth, thus, why more high school and college students are showing interest.

For companies, Lean 6 Sigma is crucial and different as it improves processes by addressing waste reduction and eliminating variations and bottlenecks. It also helps customer satisfaction by solving problems and meeting their expectations. This is one of the main reasons companies want practitioners to ensure better results are achieved.

You would normally need to use multiple methodologies for this. A great example and comparison are Lean Six Sigma, which was created by combining Lean and Six Sigma.

While these two methodologies focus on reducing waste and eliminating variations and have their own structures, Lean Six Sigma integrates both goals and guarantees companies are able to obtain these results.

It’s easy to see that you can achieve more than just one or two goals and results by using Lean 6 Sigma in your company or processes, even if this process is related to your education and how you learn at school.

Now, is Lean Six Sigma something you really need? Or should you look for other methods to help your company? Is this a methodology that is only applicable to companies or organizations? Will students, business professionals, and organizations invest in this for good? Let’s answer all the questions.

Can Lean Six Sigma Benefit Individuals?

Although it may not be possible to implement it in an individual considering the whole “process improvement” goal of the project, experts who spend time understanding how it works can reap the benefits.

Lean Six Sigma specialists are rare, despite what many would think. They are not hard to find, but you won’t find a large variety of individuals who know about it but rather have a couple working for different businesses, and this is all thanks to how valuable they are for improvement and growth.

Businesses have difficulty finding experts to help them. This makes you, the expert, valuable in many industries.

Learning how to integrate Six Sigma can lead to many benefits, including more job opportunities and the ability to apply for jobs at all levels of companies.

You may get different benefits depending on your level of expertise. However, the following are common to all types of LSS training:

  • There are many career options.
  • All industries are eligible.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Higher salary.
  • Learn quality management.
  • All companies need you to be valuable.
  • Develop valuable skills.
  • Participate in more decisions and work on projects.
  • Get experience in the industry you choose.

The benefits are essentially those that provide more value and possibilities on both a personal and professional level. It all depends on your goals and needs as an individual and what you believe and can achieve by investing in Six Sigma.

These variations should decrease to 3,4 percent if you implement Six Sigma (or, in this instance, Lean 6 Sigma).

This is the ultimate goal of the method. To achieve this, you need to focus on five principles.

  • Focus on the customer and work for them.
  • Locate the root causes of problems and find solutions.
  • Eliminate variations and bottlenecks.
  • Change and Flexibility.
  • Increase employee engagement.

Now, when it comes to the tools, Six Sigma has many methods to include during the process, but the main one that LSS integrates as well is the DMAIC one: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control.

This 5-step process allows companies to review the entire process, each step of obtaining the product, identify any problems and then make improvements.

Are Lean Six Sigma (The Main One) And Lean & Six Sigma the Same?

Six Sigma and Lean, two methodologies that combine to create LSS, are mentioned previously. The short answer is that they are not identical when it comes to achieving the results and achieving all of the objectives in the methodology.

This does not necessarily mean that it is not important to know at least some basics about Six Sigma and Lean in order to be able to work with LSS. It is not enough to learn both methods in detail. It is important to know what is combined into the common method.

While Six Sigma and Lean are both valuable tools and elements that can be combined, some of them may not be necessary to achieve the goals and principles of Lean Six Sigma.

It is not enough to be able to remember a set of skills or tools. Instead, try to understand the implications of each one so that you can make informed decisions based on the circumstances and the resources you have. We want you to be able to understand Six Sigma and Lean for this very reason. At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Corpus Christi, we help companies, students, and business professionals understand both methodologies before jumping to LSS alone. Thus, stay with us so you can have a closer look.

Lean Six Sigma History-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Corpus Christi
  • Lean.

Although the methodology is focused on reducing waste, not many understand how this works.

First, it is a matter of its principles. These principles were established to enable the company to review its processes and understand them in order to identify all types of waste.

  1. Identify the value.
  2. The value stream can be mapped.
  3. Flow.
  4. Pull.
  5. Perfection.

They are more like steps to be followed by companies, and that is the goal, as each principle determines a stage for the company. How can you tell if there is any waste in your process? You should also consider all of the Lean types: overproduction, underprocessing, defects, and unutilized talent.

Although not all types of waste can be found in a company, they are equally important and cannot be avoided.

They all have some common features: delayed delivery times, higher operational costs, and more variations, making it difficult to meet customer satisfaction and making your company less efficient and productive.

  • Six Sigma

This methodology allows for variations and defects to ensure the client receives what they need without having to spend more than they can afford. Six Sigma is about understanding what a variable is and how it affects your company. We will show you an example to illustrate this.

A company must manufacture a particular type of glass for a client. The company or the individual who is hiring the services to make the product will provide the specifications.

Therefore, the goal is to obtain a million—hypothetically—glasses for the customer and guarantee each one of them is the same. It is not uncommon to receive a few defective pieces or items that do not meet requirements during the manufacturing process. You can’t afford to buy too many.

Variations and defects are pieces that don’t meet customer specifications and needs. However, all steps and processes that lead up to these variations are included in the same group.

If a regular company received this request for glass, it would throw away between 100 and 1,000 pieces because of the defects and variations. We aren’t exaggerating.

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But Then, What is Lean Six Sigma?

You have the foundational knowledge about the method so that you can be a guide throughout the process. We have already mentioned that it is all about knowing when to use which resources and tools. While you might have some principles and tools that LSS adapts to 6 Sigma and Lean, an expert should be able to know when to use them or any other elements.

It all depends on the company’s situation, but LSS is great for process improvement. When translated to what individuals need, it is a matter of adjusting the changes, steps, and processes according to personal projects. Those who believe LSS cannot be implemented in their daily lives are clearly not that knowledgeable in the methodology.

With this clear, it essentially works as a combination of both methodologies but with extra focus on customer satisfaction and problem-solving.

When you are trained in the methodology, you learn how to work with all its principles, tools, and structures while also getting prepared in different areas. Students and professionals find it useful regardless of their life stage as they continue to be valuable inside and outside any institutions and companies.

If you are trained, you can also make your career around the methodology, as many people are turning into LSS consultants who can help manage processes with ease. LSS consultants are the best choice for those looking to get fast and efficient results. They will help you make Lean 6 Sigma work for any company, and this is what you aim for: be the valuable asset every industry needs.

How Can You Learn Lean Six Sigma?

LSS training is a good option if you’re not interested in working for a company but are just curious about the process. This option will require you to select a level within the methodology. Instead of using levels, you will be handling belts.

Six belts are available in Lean Six Sigma. These include white, yellow, brown, green, and black belts. All companies do not offer LSS training, but only in certain places, as being certified and registered for international recognition is crucial.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Corpus Christi is one of the few companies in the city that opens the option for the two main belts in the methodology: yellow belt and green belt. We also allow high school students, college students, or business professionals to receive training as requested. If any companies and institutions want to set up a program for different members, students, and workers, we can offer it as well.

We will help you choose the LSS training that best suits your goals and needs when you contact us to request it. How do you decide which one is right for you? Focusing on the topic covered in each book and the potential outcomes depending on your expertise level will help you make an informed decision.

You can get a general overview of all the belts that we offer by looking at these:

  • Training to be a yellow belt.

We will concentrate on the basics, so you can understand the terminology, concepts, and main tools and improve your data collection and reporting skills.

This belt focuses only on the essentials and does not cover advanced topics or tools, so experts in it can only fulfill small roles. These are the roles. Data analysts are those who help with measuring processes and problems and helping to solve them.

  • Green belt training.

The objective of this course is not to review the yellow belt. It’s about how Lean 6 Sigma works and how you can implement it.

This belt requires an expert to be able to manage and start projects using the tools and concepts of LSS.

Can Lean Six Sigma Training Be Enough to Make You an Expert?

To be able to perform your job and roles, you need to get trained in the appropriate belts. You will need to get certified if you are looking to become a leader or take on any of the positions that LSS offers.

LSS certifications can be obtained once you have completed any of the training options. However, an exam followed by certification is needed to prove you have completed it successfully.

Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Corpus Christi

Does the certification matter if you want to use the method? To apply for job opportunities to gain the experience and knowledge that 6 Sigma offers will require a certificate so any college or workplace can see your expertise and experience.

The certification will prove your knowledge and compliance with the method and confirm that you were properly trained for the position you are applying for.

The problem is obtaining the Lean 6 Sigma certificate once you have completed any belt training options.

To ensure this doesn’t take too long, our experts are available to assist you during, before, or after the process. You can expect to receive certification for any of the belts we have available in no time, and you can also apply for the option even if the training wasn’t taken with us.

Are You in Need of Our Services?

You are always welcome to contact us and ask our team any questions and doubts you have.

We want to take this chance to let you know that Yellow Belt & Green Belt Training and Certifications aren’t the only way we help schools, companies, and individuals. Our Leadership Excellence course and our Innovation Consulting workshops are excellent for those who want to build a great career and gain some career advantage.

In addition, our innovation workshops help you develop new ideas, evaluate existing ones, and ensure you or a company can stay on top of the game regardless of your goals.

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