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Lean Six Sigma at community colleges is growing in popularity because it allows all involved to expand their curriculums and get the practice they rarely get during those years. For many, LSS seems like a methodology you want to learn once being a business owner or worker. Still, it helps every student be a valuable asset even before starting in the working area, thus why we choose at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Corpus Christi High School Students of Texas to teach it to each interested person.

Let’s say you don’t know what Lean Six Sigma is. To keep it simple, it is a business philosophy that seeks to improve efficiency and reduce variability in business processes. Still, it has been used in recent years for improvement in personal projects by identifying unnecessary steps and waste and teaching how to set the best structure for a project or cycle. 

For this reason, it isn’t only applied by students as a way to boost their personal projects but is also implemented in other industries outside manufacturing.

Lean Six Sigma can also be used to automate or improve any process. This applies to education at both lower and higher levels, which makes colleges, educators, and everyone involved in the system learn the methodology and ensure students get the best education possible.

Community colleges and their methodology aim to provide students with more tools and resources to grow, assist professors and educators in their methods, and equip the education system to prepare them accordingly.

How Good Is Lean Six Sigma for Community Colleges?

LSS combines the Six Sigma and Lean methodologies, which work towards continuous improvement. Its structure and principles can be shared, and they can be used in education. LSS uses the DMAIC approach and can be adapted for community colleges.

  • Define the problem.
  • Measuring the performance of the process.
  • Analyze the root cause of the problem.
  • The process or method can be improved.
  • Permanently solve the problem by controlling it.

Students and community members can learn the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt/Green Belt to help them save time, reduce problems, and implement the previous structure. Both sides will reap the benefits of the best results and learn skills that will help them grow professionally and personally.

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Corpus Christi has a course that has been a tremendous help to all college boards and communities in the city and around the state as they are able to improve their teaching methods. This course has proven to be a huge success for educators and students alike, as all of them end up building an internal community for the methodology and its inculcation.

What Are the Benefits of LSS Training?

LSS provides a range of tools that can help with process problems. It can be used in any industry, discipline, and field. As a college student, this will allow you to contribute more to your future employer and be more productive in your work.

You’ll be happy to learn that the average salary for Lean Six Sigma practitioners increases by at least 5% compared to others in the same job positions only because they know how to work with Sigma, which brings a huge benefit if you are an educator or student. 

They may also want to offer training for all students or make it compulsory or even optional for some students. We want universities and colleges to have access to reliable companies that offer this training as all individuals will get the benefits of:

  • Learning collaborative work.
  • Identify problems or waste.
  • Improve processes.
  • Focus on continuous growth.
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills will improve.
  • You get more career opportunities and better positions within the community.

Access Our Training for Community Colleges

For more information about our training and certifications, we recommend you give us a call or email our team. We are the top company in Texas, and international organizations have recognized us. Each certificate is recognized throughout the country and will be worth your time and effort for the methodology.

If you have students or educators to help you or if education is something that interests you, we recommend starting with the Yellow Belt. The Yellow Belt is an excellent introduction to LSS and still provides credits towards graduation for some students while also being compulsory to take the next level: green belt training.

We will offer certification after you have completed your training. You will need to take one of our exams to verify your knowledge and give approval.

The program’s time and schedule will be adjusted depending on whether it is an individual or group program. Also, time will change if you take a more advanced belt or training.

We offer professors, students, and educators their own classes. Just make sure to contact us, and we will give you all the relevant information.